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GTA 3 pc download is an open world action-adventure video game developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 22 October 2001 for(GTA 3 pc download) the PlayStation 2 console, on 20 May 2002 for Microsoft Windows, and on 31 October 2003 for the Xbox console. It is the(GTA 3 pc download) fifth title in the Grand Theft Auto series, and the first main entry since 1999's Grand Theft Auto 2.

Grand Theft Auto 3 is played from a third-person (GTA 3 pc download)perspective in an open world single-player environment, allowing the player to interact with the game world(GTA 3 pc download) at their leisure. The game is set within the fictional city of Liberty City, which is loosely based on New(GTA 3 pc download) York City.[b] The story features a mute, nameless protagonist, although he is later referred to as (GTA 3 pc download)Claude in his cameo in the prequel Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.[c] Claude is a bank robber who is left for(GTA 3 pc download) dead by his girlfriend, and quickly becomes entangled in a world of gangs, crime, and corruption.

Upon its release, the game was acclaimed by many (GTA 3 pc download)reviewers who praised its concept and gameplay, which was coupled with the use of a 3D game engine for the (GTA 3 pc download)first time in the series. However, the game's violent and sexual content has been the source of much public(GTA 3 pc download) concern and controversy. It became the best-selling video game of 2001, and has sold over 17 million (GTA 3 pc download)copies as of 2011. The game is cited as a landmark in video games for its far-reaching influence within(GTA 3 pc download) the industry. The success of Grand Theft Auto 3 was a significant factor in the series' subsequent popu(GTA 3 pc download)larity; as of 2008, five prequels set before the events of Grand Theft Auto 3 have been released, (GTA 3 pc download)particularly Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories which revisits the Liberty City setting just three years prior.

Its successor, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,(GTA 3 pc download) was released on 27 October 2002, and also received critical acclaim. In December 2011, in celebration of the game's (GTA 3 pc download)tenth anniversary, a mobile version of Grand Theft Auto 3 was released for iOS and Android. The game has also bee(GTA 3 pc download)n ported to various other platforms and services, such as Mac OS X and the PlayStation Network.l links

Grand Theft Auto 3 inherits and (GTA 3 pc download)modifies much of the gameplay mechanics from its predecessors, Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2, (GTA 3 pc download)combining elements of a third-person shooter and a driving game in a new 3D game engine. The idea of using a 3D game engine (GTA 3 pc download)in such a genre was however not new: the first game to combine elements of action, shooting(GTA 3 pc download), and driving various vehicles in a sandbox-style 3D world was Hunter, released in 1991 for the Commodore Amiga and Atari (GTA 3 pc download)ST home computers.[4][5] The first developed by DMA Design was Body Harvest (1998), for the Nintendo 64. Publicly debuted in 1995 at Nintendo's SpaceWorld video game trade show, Body Harvest was revolutionary(GTA 3 pc download) for its time, but despite above average reviews,[6] the game sold poorly.[7] Grand Theft Auto 3 takes the gameplay(GTA 3 pc download) elements of Body Harvest and combines them with the open-ended game design of the Grand (GTA 3 pc download)Theft Auto series to create a level of freedom and detail that was unprecedented in 2001.
On foot, the player's character has the(GTA 3 pc download) additional ability to sprint and jump (but is incapable of climbing or swimming), as well as use weapons (GTA 3 pc download)and perform basic hand to hand combat; he is also capable of driving a variety of vehicles, (with the addition(GTA 3 pc download) of watercraft and a fixed-wing aircraft).[9]
A screenshot of the game's protagonist, Claude, running with a pistol in hand
Criminal offences, such as carjacking,(GTA 3 pc download) murder and theft will result in increasing levels of resistance from the authorities. If the player's "wanted" (GTA 3 pc download)level reaches certain levels, the police, FBI, and army will respond accordingly.[10] When the player character collapses from his injuries or is(GTA 3 pc download) arrested, he will re-spawn at a local hospital or police station respectively, at the expense o(GTA 3 pc download)f losing all weapons and armour and an amount of money for medical expenses or bribes. While this is (GTA 3 pc download)similar to previous Grand Theft Auto games, the player character is essentially offered unlimited (GTA 3 pc download)"lives", as opposed to the limited number of lives in the original Grand Theft Auto and its sequel. (GTA 3 pc download)This allows the player's character to "die" as many times as he/she pleases, and render it (GTA 3 pc download)impossible to indefinitely lose in the game.

A major feature in Grand Theft Auto 3's (GTA 3 pc download)predecessors that allowed the player to obtain cash by committing petty crimes has been (GTA 3 pc download)downplayed in the game, encompassing only car ramming, vehicle destruction and pedestrian (GTA 3 pc download)killing. The amount of money in the player's possession is no longer a requirement to unlock new (GTA 3 pc download)areas in Grand Theft Auto 3. There are only two exceptions to this, which require the player to have a certain amount (GTA 3 pc download)of money. Instead, the completion of missions and unfolding of the game's storyline are now responsible for this (GTA 3 pc download)role. Additionally, the player is allowed to return to all unlocked areas of the city. However, as new areas open up, access to other, previously available areas becomes more dangerous or difficult to explore, due to hostilities from (GTA 3 pc download)enemy gangs.

The interface of the game has been significantly overhauled(GTA 3 pc download). The player-centered compass is replaced by a separate mini-map that also displays a map of the (GTA 3 pc download)city and key locations (safe houses and contact points) or targets. Armour and health levels are now (GTA 3 pc download)indicated in numbers, and a 24-hour clock is added. Gang behaviour is no longer dictated by "respect"(GTA 3 pc download) meters used in Grand Theft Auto 2; instead, the player character's progress through the (GTA 3 pc download)story affects his view in the "eyes" of gang members. As the player completes missions for (GTA 3 pc download)different gangs, rival gang members will come to recognise the character and subsequently shoot (GTA 3 pc download)on sight.

Whereas multiplayer(GTA 3 pc download) modes from previous Grand Theft Auto titles allowed players to connect through a computer network and play the game with others, Grand Theft Auto 3 was the first game in the series to ship with only a single-player game mode. As a result,(GTA 3 pc download) third-party modifications were developed that re-extended the game with the absent network functionality through(GTA 3 pc download) manipulation of the game's memory. One of these modifications became known as Multi Theft Auto and(GTA 3 pc download) was developed alongside this title and future Grand Theft Auto successors.

Missions, non-linearity and narration
A common trait Grand Theft Auto 3 shares with(GTA 3 pc download) the rest of the series is the considerably non-linear gameplay within the open world environment of Liberty City(GTA 3 pc download). Missions that are offered to the player primarily fall into two categories: storyline-based and side(GTA 3 pc download) missions. While the game's linear set of storyline-based missions are required to advance the plot and unlock(GTA 3 pc download) certain areas of the map, the player can choose to complete them at his or her own leisure. Additionally, (GTA 3 pc download)many of them are not mandatory. Alternatively, it is possible to ignore the main missions and only play(GTA 3 pc download) side missions. If the player acquires a taxi cab, they can pick up designated non-playe(GTA 3 pc download)r characters as fares and drop them off at different parts of the city for cash; obtaining(GTA 3 pc download) an ambulance allows the player to pick up injured non-player characters and drive them to the(GTA 3 pc download) hospital for cash. Fire fighting and vigilante police missions are also available. Completing these side (GTA 3 pc download)missions to a certain extent results in the player being rewarded in different ways. If the player wishes, he(GTA 3 pc download) or she may avoid all missions and instead choose to explore the city, stealing cars, running over pedestrians, and avoiding or opposing the police.

Whereas its predecessors merely featured a short cut scene(GTA 3 pc download) upon completion of missions in each city, Grand Theft Auto 3 significantly(GTA 3 pc download) expanded this feature, triggering cut scenes after the player enters a contact point or during(GTA 3 pc download) certain missions. The cut scenes serve multiple purposes: as a visual narration of the storyline, as formal directions(GTA 3 pc download) for a mission, and as a visual assessment of a scene and objective. During gameplay, mission updates and(GTA 3 pc download) messages are relayed through text-based instructions given in the form of on-screen subtitles, or on a(GTA 3 pc download) few occasions, the player character's pager, similar to the original Grand Theft Auto game. Grand Theft Auto(GTA 3 pc download) 3 also includes one-time tutorial directives to familiarise the player with the game's controls and features.

How to play:

1- Download and install Gta 3
2- Double click the .exe file to run the game
3- Enjoy.

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