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Monopoly tycoon download full version is a construction and management simulation PC game published in 2001. The player operates a business that owns stores(monopoly tycoon download full version) and apartments in a city derived from the Monopoly board game. Instead(monopoly tycoon download full version) of using dice, the game relies more on the speed and innovativeness of the players. In the(monopoly tycoon download full version) standard mode, the user plays against the AI opponents(monopoly tycoon download full version). In the multiplayer version, players(monopoly tycoon download full version) go against other online players in order to gain victory.
There are various(monopoly tycoon download full version) levels with varying difficulty. Some involve just financial prosperity of the businesses while others involve(monopoly tycoon download full version) success in the political arena. But the primary objective of most levels is to(monopoly tycoon download full version) accumulate the most wealth in the given time.
Examining the status of one of your(monopoly tycoon download full version) businesses during a game. On the left side you have the summary of its income, profit(monopoly tycoon download full version), sales, etc.
In Monopoly Tycoon, the player operates a business by(monopoly tycoon download full version) owning businesses, apartments, and being landlord to blocks. The player earns income from selling(monopoly tycoon download full version) products and services, housing people in apartments and hotels. Income is also generated(monopoly tycoon download full version) from rent for any blocks that the player is landlord of, plus utilities and railroads.
Monopoly Tycoon has the same set of blocks as the board game with an additional three(monopoly tycoon download full version). When a player is landlord of all blocks of the same color, they are able to build hotels. In addition(monopoly tycoon download full version), being landlord of any property allows the player to build park space.
As in the board game, there are railroads and utilities blocks that players can become landlord of (monopoly tycoon download full version)and receive income from. To become landlord, there is an auction (monopoly tycoon download full version)amongst the players with the property going to the highest bidder.

At the end of the day, the player is offered a mystery card similar to (monopoly tycoon download full version)those from the board game. Some of the cards are a simple deposit or withdrawal of (monopoly tycoon download full version)money from the player's account. Other cards allow the player to aid his (monopoly tycoon download full version)businesses or harm the opponent, say by restocking one of his stores or (monopoly tycoon download full version)giving an opponent block bad publicity.
When the game starts in the year 1930, "(monopoly tycoon download full version)basic businesses" like grocery stores, clothes stores, and diners are automatically (monopoly tycoon download full version)unlocked. Other businesses available at the start of the game include a bakery, (monopoly tycoon download full version)book store, cafe, doctor's office, toy store, news stand, fish market, (monopoly tycoon download full version)butcher store, jewelry store, souvenir shop, electrical store and hardware store. (monopoly tycoon download full version)Original night businesses include a restaurant, a bar, a cinema, a theatre, and a ballroom.
New day businesses are unlocked (monopoly tycoon download full version)starting in 1940 and continue being unlocked every decade until 1980. These businesses include an (monopoly tycoon download full version)ice cream parlor (1940), an antique store (1940), a delicatessen or deli (1950), a sports (monopoly tycoon download full version)store (1950), a music store (1950), a travel agent (1960), a general store (1960), a pharmacy (1960), a department store (1970), a health club (1970), a computer store (1980), cell phone shop (1980), an electronic (monopoly tycoon download full version)superstore (1980), and a supermarket (1980).
New night businesses are unlocked starting in 1940 and continue being (monopoly tycoon download full version)unlocked every decade until 1970. This is because all of the night businesses in the game (monopoly tycoon download full version)that existed when the game was made (2001) already existed by 1975 to 1980 in real life. These businesses include a nightclub (1940), pool hall (1940), fast food outlet (1950), bowling alley (1960), amusement arcade (1970), and video store (1970).

How to play:

1- Download and install Monopoly tycoon
2- Double click the .exe file to run the game
3- Enjoy.

Please report any bug, broken link, or any other issue under the comment. You can also request any game in the "Request a game" option in the menu bar.
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